Billboard & Variety Announce Quincy Jones Invests in Jammcard and Completes $1M seed Raise

Billboard just announced the closing of Jammcard’s seed raise and Quincy Jones joining the investor team.

 “I’m excited and supportive about what Jammcard is doing for music professionals. Jammcard elevates the industry in new ways, from connections and new opportunities, to helping represent themselves in a freelance world. Thank-Q!” – Quincy Jones

Quincy is known for having a powerful impact on the future of the music industry. With over seven decades of experience in entertainment, his investments navigate the most effective and innovative spaces of music technology.

 “I’m honored to have Quincy on the Jammcard team. I love that he’s continued to push jazz and real talent forward, and I can’t wait to see where our working relationship leads. Quincy’s endorsement excites me on another level, and I will use that fire to continue to work as hard as I can to grow true value for the professional music community.” – Elmo Lovano, founder of Jammcard

Here’s a link to the article. We look forward to building with Quincy and our new investor family.